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Your Soul Message in Mythical Jewelry (Story Stones)

Stones have been here forever.
They’re ancient, silent, powerful. All stones/gems - crystals, lapis lazuli, amethyst, jade, coral -have electromagnetic energy that changes the resonance in the body, causing cells to regenerate and realign. Color affects the Chakras, the energy points in our body, soothing nerves, strengthening immune systems and lymph nodes. Symbols (as in Tarot and I Ching) have profound meanings to our subconscious mind.

Dr. Sonne at Stonehenge

Are you afraid of the dark? Place amethyst at your bedside. Ancient wise women
believed black to be the soul color. To know this is to allow the darkness to become a friend rather than an enemy; nighttime would feed you rather than frighten yo

Amethyst is a soothing purple color -aligned with the Third Eye-and looks lovely in the moonlight. The moon is the feminine guiding light so let her shine on you, nurture you.

Are you seeking your SoulMate? A pink heart worn over the heart chakra will change your pheromones (body scent) from desperate to desirable. If you add a little red for passion, you'll have to beat potential soul partners off with a stick!

Do you crave power? Wear a dragon. Make it silver, for a female dragon.

Need money? Use jade.

Want to be a leader? Wear turquoise.

Do you wish to be a speaker, teacher, storyteller? Wear Lapis at your throat.

There are hundreds of myths, symbols, legends and gems that aid our healing and our evolution. We simply must find them and use them. For millennium the matriarchal societies believed the serpent to be the epitome of rebirth-not an evil tempter of a stupid women as the Bible so outrageously claims. The Serpent was revered because it is continually shedding its skin for a renewed, younger, fresher skin (metaphorically includes renewing mind, heart, soul).

Shedding the skin represents beginning anew, starting over, leaving wrinkled skin, sagging ideas, and blemished experiences behind; it represents acquiring fresh, pure, unwrinkled skin (or unblemished mind and heart) unburdened by mistakes. That symbolizes resurrection. Why should we fear our own resurrection? Wear a serpent ring or arm bracelet to remind yourself of your daily resurrection and welcome the new you.

Female wisdom is urgently needed today-it has been buried for too long. That wisdom includes knowledge of gems, symbols, legends. In this Size 1, Botox age, many females have forgotten that within their DNA lies the Goddess-the Wild women-all fierce and independent and nurturing, in every shape, height, color and weight. She is perfect (You are perfect). Today-right now-is the moment to embrace that wisdom, for personal success and for the success of all, including Gaia. To rediscover and reclaim this truth is to access your divine purpose.

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