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Necklaces are important talismans. They rest over your heart chakra or the throat chakra or in between those two powerful energy points and they draw experiences to you. What you wear over those chakras affects the energy you gather around you; it affects your mood, your creativity, your aura, your relationships, your career; therefore, you must wear something that empowers you and inspires you. And protects you. That’s exactly why I design necklaces to bring our every beautiful gift you have – physically and metaphysically.

You can find many more of my unique Necklaces
at my page on Ruby Lane

N 2014-5-Choker or Double Wrap Bracelet
Leather, hand made clay, vintage, cord.
17" SOLD

N 2014-6-The Old Kingdoms Necklace
African, Tibetan antiques, amber,
turquoise, chain. SOLD

N 2014-7-Detour On the Silk Road
African brass and beads, Amber,
hollow chain. SOLD

N 2014-9-Mardi Gras Double Mask Necklace
Hand molded clay, chain,
silk cord. SOLD

N 2014-12-Copper Fold Formed Necklace
Copper wire beads, sculptured copper, patinaed. SOLD

N 2014-16-Take Me To The Ritz Necklace
European Red Glass in matte & clear finishes, cord. SOLD

N 2014-17-California Dreamin' Necklace
Hand molded clay, faces, chain. Long.

N 2014-19-Turquoise and
Copper Necklace



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