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A Tribute to my Beloved John
Do you love butterflies?

Did you know that butterflies symbolize transformation and spiritual awakening?

The metaphor for a caterpillar crawling on the ground (problems) to a butterfly soaring above it all (solutions) is an ideal story about alchemy that inspires and motivates us.
Each time we see either of those beautiful creatures, we are inspired and moved at a knowable, conscious level but also at an unknowable, subconscious level.

For thousands of years stories have healed us, taught us, empowered us.
Symbols call out to our ancient nobility and matriarchal wisdom.

That’s why I’m a storyteller.

When I was 5 years old my grandmother Louise began teaching me to read tea leaves. I’m sure she read to me as a baby but I only remember looking at tea leaves when I was about 3 or 4 years old, swinging my feet on one of those old kitchen chairs and laughing with joy or crying with sadness at whatever ‘future’ she saw for me.
We’d sit at the kitchen table in her big kitchen in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, with the snow blowing outside in winter and the creaky old fan turning in summer and she’d enchant me with tales of knights on white horses, pots of gold, and rainbows, faeries and castles. In her stories, and in the tea leaves, I always ended up with a life filled with joy and happiness.
I sat with her for years and watched as the tea leaves became more and more understandable to me and I could see the outlines of the future.

Louise Elzina Bartsch Antoine
a Crone (wise women) if there ever was one was an irreverent, independent, mystical, psychic, intuitive, colorful women who fanned the flames of my curiosity and pointed out the path to magic and mysticism and because of her mentoring I believe in magic, mystery, intuition and psychic awareness.
She was skinny, olive skinned, with frizzy hair;
I never suspected she was a Gypsy until I grew older and began to research Crones and Gypsy’s. I’m convinced she was both. Of course, she would deny it as would the entire family. However, whoever she was (and might still be) I’m grateful every day that she instilled those qualities in me. Yes, even the Rebel. Actually, especially the Rebel.

The Celts, French and Germanic tribes were powerful storytellers. Those qualities swim in my DNA and I simply must tell stories, listen to stories, read stories, dream stories
by the thousands, literally.

I love a good tale; a mystery, or love story or a legend from Egypt or Druidic Ireland can keep me up half the night. I didn’t realize until I was older that stories are the lifeblood of civilization, of evolution. Stories were the teaching tool of mystics, crones, and wizards.

Since the dawn of time, we’ve sat at the knees of our elders and learned how things worked, what didn’t work and how to become bolder, healthier, wealthier and wise. We learned family and tribal history. We learned who we were and sometimes why we were. We still learn that way and we’ve lost a great deal by abandoning these weekly events in our homes.
My plan is to restore that sense of awe in how we live our lives.

Click Image for Tribute to My Beloved John
A Tribute to My Beloved John
Click Image for Tribute

I could see that the sole of a shoe could represent the ‘soul’ of a journey or a place; the tongue of the shoe could mean a falsehood or a secret or any number of speech ideas; caterpillars weren’t scary hairy worms, but were creatures actually practicing alchemy changing from one form into another.

Serpents once scared me to death. I soon realized that I’d been programmed to be very afraid of them
not because they slithered and writhed, but because of what they representedtheir symbol of rebirth, constant change (they shed they’re outer skin or identity every year). Stories took on new meaning, the programming of my young mind motivated me to seek the truth and stories became more than simple entertainment. Stories could enrich lives, nurture spiritual growth and rediscover sacred agreements. And I can never get enough of that knowledge.

In my years of counseling using New Thought Principles, I became convinced that we are what we think and we co-create our life with our thoughts. Combining that knowledge with storytelling was like a magical carpet ride for me. I could see, feel, touch the magic of our divine purpose and couldn’t wait to share that style of living.

As I began sharing and counseling, jewelry design just pushed its way into my counseling...and the rest is history, as they say. I fell in love with jewelry as a motivational tool with its ability to link myth, symbol, legend, metaphor and metaphysical interpretation to beauty and the female body
a way to empower women through beauty. It still excites me when I think of the possibilities and I cannot wait to get to my studio every morning.
A story unfolds, a piece of jewelry is born and magic happens
an invisible myth becomes a visible nurturing symbol. I’m so lucky to be doing this. I feel like a wizard sometimes and know I am very blessed. I want to inspire that in other women.

Goddess, Diva, Earth Mother, Wild women, Crone, Wise women—these are women’s stories. In my book Legends of the Stones, I discuss these powerful females and how they must be allowed to nurture us once again, and how we must rediscover their inspiration and their meaning in our lives. It’s time we invited them to return. Isis and Innana and Metis and Sophia and hundreds of feminine wisdom symbols were stolen from us by the patriarchal societies intent on intimidating and destroying the wise women of the tribes by eliminating respect for their healing and nurturing. That plan worked for centuries, but now it’s time we resurrected our female mentors.

women are now and always have been the storytellers, the healers. Education and business opportunities were denied women then (and now) the only means left to women was to teach by storytelling and that’s what she did raising her craft to an art form. Ever wonder why women are so creative and imaginative? Why we multi-task so easily? We had to. It’s common knowledge that fairy tales were written down and published by men but were actually verbal women’s stories that men laid claim to mostly because men were the only ones who were allowed to read or write. But storytelling is a feminine teaching tool.

To call the energy and ideas of Goddess/Wise women into our lives is to heal, grow and become whole. To read a fairy tale with a metaphysical eye is enlightening. Let it be remembered
women’s purpose is to nurture, evolve, heal, become rich and successful, loved and fulfilled through our thinking, through our stories, through our respect of who we are as women. It’s time. A matriarchal society is desperately needed now as never before.

I use many symbols including the spiral in many of my bracelets. The spiral is one of the most ancient symbols found on many megaliths in Ireland.
The spiral symbolizes following the path inward
turning within through prayer, meditation, contemplation, daydreaming all those inner quests we must follow to endure and evolve. Imagine seeing that symbol on a beautiful bracelet on your arm while you’re working or driving or in a courtroom.

With the story of your one-of-a-kind bracelet on your mind you will be reminded to turn within for guidance and strength or wisdom and courage
depending on the other colors and symbols on your bracelet. Spiritual tools come in all shapes and sizes ’story stones’ are beautiful limited-edition tools for personal clarity and balance. Incidentally, I love this spelling womenand plan to use it from now on. I’m delighted that it’s driving my ‘spell check’ crazy!

To find out about the other symbols I use, and myths and legends I talk about, please read my latest book Legends of the Stones. To learn to meditate and journal, go to the ‘Books’

We are that. Mystic, Seeker, Healer, Wizard. We are those mythical, mystical ideas in physical form. We always have been. And yet, sadly, we’ve forgotten.

Storytelling reminds you of your true identify;
my jewelry brings myth home to you.
The moment you are drawn to a theme or an exquisite piece of Healing Stones Jewelry your soul is engaged again. The myth or the legend you are drawn to just feels right. That’s because it is right. It is your purpose, your myth, your way to walk Mother Earth. It is beauty as storytelling. And you sense that intuitively and instinctively.

We are more than we think we are and myth has been alive for centuries, calling us back to our noble self.
You are more than the flesh, blood and bones you recognize in the mirror every morning.

Booth Display

You are a mythical creature, here to do something, be somebody, and live in joy. I know that probably sounds absurd, but it isn’t. Myth and legend have taught us that we are magical, mystical wizards and can live in the past, present and future simultaneously. Laugh all you want. It’s true. Just be open to that possibility and see what appears. Then feel the dragon essence of spiritual power ignite your imagination and breath the fire of creativity and possibility into all that you do.

We are the teacher and the student simultaneously. I teach what I want to learn.
What I learn I feel compelled to share in storytelling form.
Whatever subject fascinates you, is the place you are meant to be teacher/student.
I love myth and legend. From the time I was a young child, lost in mourning, it was myth, legend, fairy tales and fables that inspired and guided me. They do the same for me now as I stride the circumstances of living as a confident Wild women and storytelling crone.

Myth brings me home to myself
– my Higher Self – my Pirate Queen self or my Wizardess self or my Healer self. Your teacher is awaiting your call. Myth and legend will show you the way to your place in the sun. They are the longitude and latitude of your soul. Heed their call.

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