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How will I know which piece of jewelry is the right one for me?

You will be drawn to the beauty or the color or a symbol or a combination of all of those things. Your soul has been trying to communicate with you since the moment you drew a breath and perhaps you just aren’t listening. Words and ideas haven’t worked, so now your molecular structure will vibrate to some ancient meaning that will give you an “A ha” insight. You won’t know why, but you will choose one gorgeous piece based on that “feeling.” And then I will tell you the ancient meaning and truth about the combinations of colors, symbols and gemstones that you chose. It’s always a perfect match. I always get the same response, “Thank you. I feel so wonderful with this on.”

Can I choose a piece of jewelry for someone else?

Yes. The reason you can do that is because usually we know our friend or relative better than they know themselves. They sometimes refuse to address their challenges or habits or false ideas. They can’t see those things in themselves. But we see those things in them when they will not. That’s what friends are for. And it’s such a gift to give someone we love the perfect healing experience – not in a judgmental way, but in a loving, beautiful, mystical way.

Are these really one-of-a-kind designs?

They really are. I recently looked at a large number of my earliest designs from a client and some photos of other jewelry I’ve designed over the years. None are alike. It’s such a thrill for me to realize that I am truly designing with the creative Force. Every individual is a unique, one-of-a-kind soul. I believe we deserve a piece of jewelry that is as unique as we are. The design ideas in myth and legend and symbol are so diverse that combinations are as uncountable as the stars. That’s one of the most appealing things for me.

How does this “story” idea work to empower me?

It works because you were destined to empower yourself. This jewelry is simply a reminder of that pact you made with the Creator. First you pick a piece. It resonates with your soul. I tell you the ancient story and myth behind your choices. As you wear this “story” stone at your wrist or over your heart, every pulse and heart beat reminds you of that story – in effect reminding you of your soul agreement. As you continue to think about your story jewelry, that agreement becomes more and more fixed in your thinking process. You are what you think. Buddha taught that. All ancient mystics taught the power of intention. When you wear your story, you set the intention to be that theme that you selected. And, you succeed. You become what you were meant to be!

How will your books help me?

All of my books were written in meditation. I believe there is a Higher Self that intends to be heard if only we will allow it. I allow that Voice to come through in meditation. And then I write. My books are each meant to be a healing, revealing key to personal growth and happiness. I also write because I never seem to find my discoveries in any other books, and I think we have an obligation to share our meaningful discoveries. I’ve been on a spiritual path since I was a child. I’ve always taken the road less traveled. I’ve always peered through the veil of secrecy. I’m ever the skeptic and cynic (a product of early programming) and I don’t ever believe anyone designated as an “authority.” Call me a rebel. And I believe rebels should write books.

What does reading tea leaves have to do with a spiritual path?

I’m glad you asked that. And I’m thrilled I can answer now in an age where I won’t be burned at the stake. All practices are worthy endeavors to help us explore the meaning of our life. To deny any one of them is to deny the myriad expressions of the divine. If the creator is in all things, as all things (and I believe it is) then divinity must be as valid in tea leaf reading as in reading the Bible. Or as valid as meditation. Or walking. Or dancing. Or Sufism. Or any other ‘ism’. Be open. Be non-judgmental. Be inquisitive.

I don’t believe in all this stuff.

Fortunately it doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters in my life is what I believe. And I believe I have the power to make all things new. And so it is.

I’d be happy to answer any questions. Exchanging ideas and comments is the staff of life. Please email me at Elaine@AncientDesign.

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