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Goddess Ring
Ancient wisdom is my passion. I am totally fascinated by the practices, philosophies and myths of Druids, Pagans, Goddesses, Egyptians, Celts, Native Americans, and Mystics. The old-as-stone stories of priestesses, wizards, magicians and shamans yields practical, natural and mystical knowledge and advice that we may use to enrich our lives today.

That wisdom is uncorrupted by modern-day religious and political programming and manipulation. I believe we are our own savior. I believe we are marvelous, mystical creatures who use too few of our gifts or our brain cells. I believe we allow others to shape our lives far too often.

And because of that, I’ve become aware that my purpose is to share the wisdom I have learned to empower women (women) through storytelling, jewelry, myth, legend and symbol. I have not led a fairy tale existence no prince, no glass slipper, no castles and way too many ogres, trolls and frogs have camped on my doorstep.

But what I want to share with you is this…adversity can be overcome by using ancient wisdom - folk tales, myths, horoscopes - handed down from goddesses to grandmothers to mothers to daughters. I want us to use that wisdom for our fulfillment and our empowerment.

My studio is in the garden behind our home, an Arts & Crafts house built in 1910. The work space is yellow with a red door, one stained glass window that looks out on the teahouse where I meditate and a huge pink camellia bush at the corner.

There is a large stone statue of Buddha and a huge blue drape of Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of the creative arts at the corner of the teahouse facing the studio and anchoring me in the wisdom of ancient mystics as well as honoring Mother Earth.

Trees and stone pathways and flowers, a fish pond and small water fountain remind me that I am connected to all of Mother Nature’s beautiful energy and She inspires me to share that connection through jewelry.

I designed the garden when we moved here and as I tend to it, amazing insights and healing ideas come forward from the co-creative energy of the plants, animals and birds who co-own this beautiful space with me and my husband and 2 cats, Chloe and Georgie Girl.

The studio door is painted red to draw energy and passion to my creations. Large pieces of amethyst and rose quartz rest at my work tables and when a bracelet or necklace is completed, I lay it on one of those stones to call forth the vibrations of the universe. It will then carry the energy of healing and nobility with it wherever it goes and to whomever it belongs.

The studio is also a gallery for my jewelry designs and my other artwork. I also do my drumming there. It’s such a beautiful space that most women want to stay for hours and not leave. Most ask if they can rent a room from me the energy is so welcoming, soothing and empowering. That’s because I feng shui the space every Solstice and Equinox. I sage it twice a year and it’s surrounded by roses and blackberries and wisteria. I am so thrilled and delighted to be practicing jewelry alchemy in that space, that it only has expressions of joy and excitement as its reality. I love what I do and I want my jewelry to make a difference in women’s lives and the very air in this space shimmers with that creative fire. And you’re welcome to come visit and share this space with all the powers that be.

Dr. Sonne with the Carnaough Stone, Ireland

Like many of you, I denied my ESP for a long time. It wasn’t that I was afraid of that gift, it was more like I felt unworthy to own it. My acceptance of my intuitive abilites has brought insight and clarity to my self and my clients.

Since stepping onto the spiritual path some 30 years ago, I learned that we all have psychic knowledge and that it’s really arrogant to deny our connection to the Knower of all things. No one is more gifted than others, some just stand up and accept that gift. ....I'm standing up NOW!

I ‘read’ many things when someone tries on a bracelet or necklace. Not just the myth and legend I designed, but much more that is unique to that women. I usually sense a path for her, a purpose revealed in what she chose to try on, some gift she has been denying or seeking, and insights into her challenges and solutions to problems.

I’m frequently amazed at how much information I’m given to share. Many times the insight is so soulfully true that tears flow. It happens constantly. And the reason is simply that when we connect with our soul, it’s such a significant moment that we are touched with ‘bliss’, an emotion we’ve only felt a few times in our life. Bliss enhances all things, and we are changed forever.

Dr. Sonne communicating with "Maggie".

I have worn many hats in my lifetime; some I liked, some I thought were unbecoming and ill fitting.

It seems that I start a new career every ten years or so.

In fact, whenever I have a dream about having a new baby, I know another new exciting opportunity will present itself to me shortly.

Some of my favorite endeavors ("hats") have been and still are:
-Animal Intuitive, Equine and Canine Communicator
-Editor of Science and Mind Magazine (former)
-Publisher of several Ernest Holmes books
-Founder of a graphic design company (still do some)
-Skipper of boat charters off the Southern Cal. coast
-Feng Shui consulting
-Breeding Lhasa Apsos, especially our Best in Show Champion Yojimbo Orion, the Purina .Dog Chow Dog of the Year.

Dr. Sonne, ReiKi Master

What it is: ReiKi is a Tibetan therapeutic ancestral art rediscovered by Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is actually two Japanese words combined to mean universal healing energy.

Rei means universal; Ki means healing energy. It is used worldwide to describe The Tibetan and Dr. Usui system of healing.

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How it Works:
ReiKi works on the spiritual, mental and physical as well as the energy systems of the body, helping to realign congested areas such as meridians, chakras and elemental channels. The ReiKi therapist assists the body’s self-healing processes.

ReiKi Techniques are powerful yet gentle, very effective in helping with mental health problems such as trauma, stress and depression, physical health problems which are causing pain and discomfort and diseases which result from a low immune system. Usually 1 to 3 treatments are all that is required.

I specialize in Animal Reiki which promotes natural self-healing in all animals. Reiki balances the energies in the body, organs and glands, strengthens the immune system, treats symptoms and causes of illness, relieves pain, clears toxins, adapts to the natural needs of the receiver, enhances awareness, relaxes and reduces stress, promotes creativity, releases blocked and suppressed feelings, aids mediation and positive thinking and learning, heals holistically.

And now the best...Storyteller and Jewelry Designer

Call me Nature Girl. That's one of my archetypes (also Artist, Scribe, Pioneer and Victim to name a few). I was a tom boy as a kid (still am) and tried to save trees and stray animals (still do) and people. Home was in a small town in Northern New York, on the St.Lawrence River a few miles from the Canadian border. My father’s side of my family still lives in Massena, New York and my mother’s side of the family still lives in Cornwall, Ontario Canada.

My search for spiritual meaning began very early with a tragedy that changed my idea of a loving God as taught by the Catholic Church. The tragedy was the death of my father in an industrial accident when I was 7, my sister Fern was 4 and my brother Randy, was 6 months old. I became a questioner. Why? Who said? How do you know? Can you prove that? Any witnesses? Very soon, I added skeptic, cynic and rebel to my list of characteristics.

The other tragedy that changed me forever was being burned out of our home in Malibu in 1993 and losing our Himalayan Persian cat, Macavity. We lost him and every material possession except the clothes on our backs, one car, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a stray black cat we named Sable. With no insurance, the loss was devastating. Recovery seemed impossible, and not an option. To discover that there was no water in the fire hydrants because of political warring between Malibu and the State of California was almost more than we could bear.

But those very experiences made me a seeker early on. I discovered the ancient philosophies of oneness, spiritual being, the law of attraction, the power of our thought and our word.

With healing came discovery of the truth: I am, we all are, spiritual beings living a human experience and 'sinner' is not a valid description of me or you. The truth is: we need no priest, minister or guru to connect us to a Supreme Knower; we are already connected. Perfect, whole and complete, that's us. Creative, powerful, and wise - you and I. women are not inferior, but an essential half of the Divine. The feminine requires no validation from church or state; we are validated simply by our existence. Intuitive, psychic, healer, wizard. Just a few of our talents. That is the truth.

Seeking led me to my Irish, French and German heritage, which led me to Druids and Gauls and all manner of history and spiritual thought. I became a licensed spiritual counselor (which led to my jewelry design but that’s a long story) and for many years I counseled and coached clients, and also started a publishing company.

At St. John’s College I researched healing through tarot, horoscopes, astrology, chakras, I Ching, Feng Shui, Buddhism, New Thought, the Tao, meditation, archetypes, TM, power animals, journaling and warrior training.

Dr. Sonne on the Labyrinth at Chartres

In the course of many years, I have read literally thousands of books from every author you can think of Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays, Ernest Holmes, Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Dali Lama, Carl Jung, Thich Nhat Hahn, Joel Goldsmith, Christian Larson, Howard Thurman, the Fillmore's, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Alice Bailey, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Elaine Pagels and many, many, many, many more authors.

My doctorate in Spiritual Psychology is from the American College of Theology in Golden Valley, Minnesota. While researching power animals I discovered that my power animal is a black panther...and like a cat I am very curious and inquisitive about almost everything. (My mother called that quality "nosy" but I beg to differ).

I have always known that we were not given the whole story of who, why, where and what we are.

Since I consider myself a Crone
(a curious, curmudgeonly Wise women) I want to share my discoveries with women so they will return to their true nature as the leaders, healers and teachers we have always been. The time is now.

The planet desperately needs our feminine wisdom.

Here's some of my loves: the arts, designing journals, making my own paper and collaged artwork, driving fast, cutting and embellishing glass to use as window gardens, Feng Shui, designing jewelry, writing books, telling stories, coaching clients, hosting women's Circles currently the Wise women Circle, gardening, knitting, playing the Bodhran (the Irish war drum), rehabbing houses (have done 8 so far), baking (my husband says I bake the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and my neighbor Pat Bradley thinks my Irish Soda Bread is as good as his mother's was back in Sligo, Ireland). I’m partial to long, flowing capes and velvet. I’m married to my Soulmate, and prefer Beaujolais to Chardonnay. That’s it, as of today. Who knows what I’ll want to find out about tomorrow!

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