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You and I need Goddesses. And there are hundreds and hundreds of Goddesses whose energy and archetypical essence is swirling within your DNA awaiting your overture. (Check some of them out in my books Legends of the Stones and Prodigal Daughter)

One of the significant life purposes of every woman is to connect with Herself—with a goddess—with Hecate or Aphrodite or Epona or Artemis (or one of the other goddesses) so that we may wed their (your) ancient gifts and skills to your modern living. Native American storytellers remind us that we walk upon the shoulders of the women who came before us....mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers....back and back and back thousands of years to the goddesses that imbued our genes and wombs with courage, strength, healing and wisdom.

Take Hecate, for instance. (Pronounced HECK-a-tay). Goddess of The Fork in the Road. She stands at every crossroad. You can meet her there and she will guide you on your journey for she is the one that sees into the past, and far into the future as she stands tall in the present. Her advice is crucial to making the right choices and veering away from the kinds of errors we made in the past that may well reverberate into our future. There are always a number of pathways available to us. Which is the choice without potholes and boogey men? Which is the path with sunlight and roses? Which way? Is it time to retire? Or change careers? Get married? Get a divorce? The Fork in the Road is Hecate’s stomping ground. Just call her. She’s ready, willing and able to point the way for you.

Or Artemis, Goddess of Protection. (Pronounced ART-a-mus). She is my heroine and mentor. She’s the protector of vulnerable women, children and animals. She’s FIERCE and tender all at once, a warrior with the strength to ward off harm—strong, brave and daring—and a heart as loving and caring as a grandmother. Are you being harassed? Abused? Provoked? Threatened? If you are feeling unsafe, call on Artemis. She carries weapons and a shield that she’s not afraid to use on behalf of any female. No one fools around with Artemis!

Or Metis, Goddess of Wise Counsel. (Pronounced MET-is). She was the goddess who was swallowed by Zeus because of her genius and brilliance. He was jealous of her. Metis comes to aid you so that your creativity, skills and talents will not be swallowed up by male chauvinists in the work place or the home. She guides you to success as she helps you get your bearings and move beyond workaholic to reflection and perspective. She melds intuition, intellect and experience into maturity.

Or Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth. (HES– tia)
Or Aphrodite - Goddess of Passion (AFRO-dy-te)
Or Epona - Goddess of the Horse Pegasus and Winged Travel (Pronounced E-pona)

The Goddess calls to you in the depths of the night, in the rising of the moon, in dreams and melancholy, and in the first blush of dawn. Listen for Her call and respond with all your might. You and She have the power to change the world. It’s time.

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