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Wearable Art
My designs have evolved into more organic tribal themes and materials. The death of the love of my life, my husband and soulmate, in 2022 due to hospital malpractice changed me. It broke my heart and my spirit. Despair forced me into a deep dive to tap the roots of self and immortality. I am different now; my jewelry is too.

The designs seem to throb with an ancient energy, a basic primal structure of authentic power. In ancient texts copper is referred to as the 'metal of the magician' with unlimited healing abilities related to its conductivity. It is rumored to be part of the alchemic equation - changing lead into gold.

Because I work with the metaphysical interpretation of alchemy (changing problems into solutions) copper is a metal that works well with all my designs and with other metals and gemstones. Mother Nature is beautiful and powerful, timeless and miraculous. It's great to be working with Her.
You can find many more of my unique Wearable Art
at my page on Ruby Lane

Antique Tibetan Turquoise Necklace
Antique turquoise plus many gemstones
and embellisments energize creativity, prosperity and leadership. 18".

Tribal Leader. Antique Tibetan prayer stick with many embellishments
energizes wisdom, protection and happiness. 18" length.

Purple Leather Goddess Wrist Art
Soft supple purple leather with cloissone
Goddess. The color purple & goddess image energizes spiritual awareness.
In Feng Shui leather equals wealth. Adjustable snap closure.

Vintage Pansy Cuff
Leather wrapped 1950's re-purposed pin
with many embellishments.
Energizes remembrances and happiness.


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