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I have assembled a number of links to web sites that I find informative, useful and entertaining.
If you would like to add your link to our web site, feel free to contact us. In return, we would like to have our link on your web site as well. Enjoy.
By Region Network; Locate Sevices and Products locally and regionally. Enter Elaine Sonne in the Quick Search field.
Juried OnLine Arts Festival offers a listing of Handcrafted original contemporary jewelry... in gold, silver, porcelain, and other precious & semi-precious materials.
The Goddess Network, Inc. builds a worldwide community of women who celebrate the feminine principle in their work and home life. Through live and on-line educational programs, women are encouraged to explore their spirituality by having an opportunity to experience, teach, and learn more about their authentic self.
The Power of Inner Choice is filled with exercises that lead individuals to a deeper, compassionate understanding of their needs. The result is a sincere self-awareness and inner connection which produces conscious inner choices and ultimately a better, more fulfilling life.
Goddess Gift. . . a site to celebrate, to nurture, and to share understandings of the goddess in every woman.
Your own personal goddess awaits you here. She will guide you on the path of self-discovery and personal growth, helping you recognize your strengths in ways that allow you to use your innate talents and strengths.
The premiere resource tool for the Art and Design Community! Our extensive database allows direct access to top of the line Artists and Designers from around the world.
Where Life Coaching and Magic meet, the universe responds with ease, flow, and synchronicity. Get FREE tips and tools to help you enjoy more success and life satisfaction without sacrificing your humanity. Explore the site's free assessments, inspirational quotes, articles, books and resources. Live your charmed life!
Avisen-Avk is a international based art and culture magazine which gives the artists a possibility to show their artwork for a wider art loving audience from all over the world.
The Family of Light is an international mobile healing center, offering healing, channeling, and educational forums around the globe.
My mission in life is to follow the call and guidance of Spirit, and to be a loving and authentic human being. My passion is working with people who are ready to open up to their Divine Essence and Authentic Self and to find the path of a joyful life experience. is an online Art & Craft show that lists items showing the same Quality and Craftsmanship you would find at an Art & Craft event. Pottery, Fiber, Woodworking and more can be found by exploring the tents with a click of your mouse. Follow the link above to find quality items by talented artists from here in the USA!
Awaken your spirit at! A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and remind us of the inner truths within us all.
The Women's Calendar is the largest listing of women's events covering every possible venue, topic or issue important to women. Women's Calendar is a superb networking tool for women.
Eliminate the burden of planning and coordinating the events yourself; instead, take time to enjoy it. Reach us for the best event planners for corporate or private events.
Elaine's article, "Wisdom Paths" in Full Moon Rising Magazine, Fall 2006
Jacqueline Lasahn is an intuitive astrologer, compassionate healer and dynamic ritualist. Her insightful, articulate perspective and depth of experience both touch and transform many lives. Jacqueline's pathway of service continues to produce an amazing and helpful body of work.
Suppliers of counter top jewelry displays and organizers for small retailers, craft jewelers, trade show exhibitions and home use., Feed your Mind, Body, or Soul with Bestselling & Award-Winning Authors featuring Legends of the Stones, hosted by Dr. Elaine Sonne, explores myth, legend, and symbol in fact and metaphor and explains how exquisite, mystical jewelry empowers women. is the Online Self Improvement Encyclopedia. The #1 Self Improvement Site On The Web, as Ranked by Google and Yahoo!
"The Judge's Choice - Equine Classifieds. A site for "all things" equine!".
Get the the latest in designer footware and fashion from firms like Fiorentini + Baker.
Find a variety of gifts for horse lovers at, your online horse source. With hundreds of great gifts for horse lovers, it's hard to go wrong with our fantastic selection of horse gifts.


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