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Each of these speak to us in our physical and our metaphysical realities—legends and myths resonate with every cell, molecule, and chakra of our conscious body and our subconscious awareness. We are more than our bodies. That’s why myths, legends, and symbols are so important to our spiritual evolution and greatly impact our physical happiness.

You are drawn to the myth, legend or symbol that captures your soul’s attention and reminds you of your Life Purpose. There is a reason for your fascination with King Arthur or goddesses or dragons or knights or horses. Myths such as the Arthurian legends are not just improbable stories—they are real, cellular influences. The Wizard, Merlin not real? Please!

The verbal myth that you hear with your physical ears or a picture that you see with your physical eyes is a direct hot link to that metaphysical quality that you must explore and embrace. When you ignore, ridicule or denigrate the mythical, legendary or symbolic part of you, your life journey is hindered and you are thwarted in most endeavors.

Call out to your myths and symbols whether they involve wizards, serpents, goddesses, the Rosetta Stone, elephants, four leaf clovers, the moon, stars or Mother Earth. Each has a quality that has a unique personal meaning to you. Check out my Life Map counseling which guides you in understanding and calling forth your personal myths and symbols. Explore the metaphysical interpretations in most of my books. Find out a little more about Goddesses at this Goddess page link ...or read my book Legends of the Stones which will spark new discoveries about who you are meant to be.

Myths, legends and symbols: Your Maps to Who and Why You Are.



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