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I love designing of a kind only, of course. Little mini-masterpieces. Asymmetrical designs are my favorite simply because they always attract attention
and are so much fun to construct.

My latest line is called ‘Rock Star Feathers’ and these earromgs are fabulous, over the top feather earrings, extra long, and flowing with feathers, charms, chains and beads.
One of my friends tells me she feels like a rock star when she wears them.

I also love to design hand forged copper, silver and bronze with gemstone accents and messages about life and living. I hope you enjoy this newest line and all my earring designs. Sometimes its nice to forego other jewelry and just wear earrings.

You can find many more of my unique Earrings
at my page on Ruby Lane

Asymmetrical Copper & Shell Earrings
Gorgeous peach sequined flower is a
harbinger for Spring - in your heart and soul
- as well as the season.
Copper dipped real leaf, chain, crystals and words. 3" length.

Leather and Brass Dragon Earrings
Soft supple leather with fierce dragons
for protection and strength.
5" length.

Rock Star Feather Earrings
with Butterfly
Orange and green feathers, leather, beads. All the glitz of Hollywood energized.
7" length.

Hand Forged Silver Earrings
with Amethyst & Fairy

Silver is the feminine metal and enhances
all personal feminine strengths.
3" length.

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