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Women have an obligation and a spiritual purpose to be beautiful;
being beautiful is not ego; being beautiful is about wearing jewelry that reveals inner beauty and draws miraculous energy from Mother Nature. When a women draws energy from Mother Nature, she is drawing power from the Divine Feminine. She is drawing a way to express Herself, a way to be prosperous, a way to be helpful, kind and to amplify Her inner power. Jewelry is not about baubles and beads. It is about feminine power.

The Story Behind Jewelry

Every piece of my jewelry is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, handmade original.

A mythical story is designed into all jewelry.

The myth is activated by your pulse beat and draws the storyline up from your subconscious and to you from the Universe.

You experience that story as the stones release the myth.

By wearing Ancient Design jewelry, you are writing your own myth

"To hear the story is entertaining; to wear the story is empowering".

Ancient Design jewelry inspires, motivates and empowers women.

Helping women discover their Soul Message in Healing Stones mystical jewelry is why I design jewelry.

The themes that guide me in my design are: Dream, Soulmate, Sacred Purpose, Spiritual Path, Diva, Earth Mother, Leadership and much more.

For 35 years my studies have embodied myth, legend, ancient wisdom, fairy tales, horoscopes, archetypes, tarot, chakras, feng shui, astrology, New Thought and symbols.

These designs (basically short stories in gems) resonate with your soul and call forth your divine DNA.

Gemstone Benefits

Gemstones have been respected and admired by generations of shamans, mystics and physicians of the ancient world. By trial and error they have discovered how gemstone energy and magnetism influences many aspects of human life including health, wealth, luck, protection, success, wisdom, spiritual progress and more. Much is still unknown about the dynamics of these millions of years old treasures, but wearing gemstones seems to generate a power when a person’s unique personal energy is linked with nature’s magnetic minerals. Here are a few of my favorites that I use in many designs:

Formed in the depths of the ocean symbolizes “diving deep within” to discover the true self and purpose.
Technically Amber is fossilized sap aged over millions of years. It stimulates intuitive knowing and aids protection and self healing.
Reinforces spiritual direction and guidance.
Energizes self expression and harmonizes mind, body, spirit.
Supports a passionate, enthusiastic, curious and energetic lifestyle.
Energizes wealth building skills and auspicious opportunities.
Lapis Lazuli
Champions self expression and communication skills.
Guides personal soul journey and releases sorrow. It defends against negativity.
Re-ignite the purity and innocence that are your soul qualities. Reinforces love & commitment.
Stimulates prosperity thinking as well as wealth of ideas, finances and accomplishments.
Quartz Crystal
Revitalizes clarity and the power of other stones. Perfect for meditation.
Benefits the creative process and stimulates compassion.
Rose Quartz
Draws love and compassion for self and others.
Tiger Eye
Stimulates intuitive wisdom and insight. A self healing gemstone.
Protects and revitalizes life leadership abilities and decision making skills.

All gemstones have rested in the womb of Mother Nature for eons. Who knows what properties they possess? Their beauty and mystery suggests they have much to share with us. And there are hundreds of gemstones. If you search, you will discover the perfect stones for you.

The energy around you is affected by what you wear and gems actually shift your thinking.

You are what you think and if you change what you are thinking, then you will change your life.

I meditate every day to be guided in the energy shift. When a piece is complete, it rests on Rose Quartz or Amethyst so that the energy may be woven into it.


"Dear Elaine,
I am sorry I did not let you know yesterday afternoon when I received my Earth Mother Pendant but I fell in love at first sight and we spent the rest of the day together! Today I went up to the lay my Talisman among a small grove of mtn. sage overnight to catch the full moon's magic!

Your Earth Mother booklet is such a nice addition to the power-filled pendant that for me it is truly meaningful because that book is a printing of my life's journey, healer and teacher. So that and the pendant really had spiritual meaning for me this year. I plan to soon be moving with my husband and remaining teenage child and build a strawbale solar home, be mortgage free, after this orchard/herbal farm we built up over the past 3 years will be sold.

Decided to take notice of my Celtic heritage and took up Celtic studies (Celtic Shaman (I call it Shama as you call women women so we like to make up our own vocabulary, haha)studies for next 3 years, and weaving crafts this new year. So I really loved the goddess with the celtic spirals on her by the clasp and then all the other meaningful celtic/butterfuly/goddess charms and beautiful gems.

Then the Wonderful, Wonderful, highlight of this pendant which I was not aware of when I took notice of your energy jewelry on your website, was that the bone (is this bone, what kind?)pendant is carved in the shape of the most peaceful looking moon I have ever seen!

This turned out way better than I had anticipated being I am a moon loving person with the energy of aquarius/pisces running through me, and had done Moon Ceremonies during the Native American studies time of my life, weeee! I will think of you as I call upon the secrets of Earth Mother; seeing that it was you who had gathered your creative visions and strung your beads with beautiful strands of intention to inspire and strengthen women on her journeys. Elaine,Thank you ever so much, may life show you mostly a peaceful journey ahead." Carole

"I was searching Truth and Meaning in cyberspace while on a Path to Peace and Happiness when i found myself on your Authentic and Vibrant site. I Enjoyed perusing your Passionate Creative Expression. Sharing yourself and your Gifts is Nourishment for the Soul. Your Life and Work have Value and Vision. May you walk Freely and Lightly upon this Earth
and may you always live with Intention.

My name is Micheal Teal . I am a Harmonic Poet , TechnoShaman and Soul Intuitive in Canada . Your Essential Path to the Self Resonates with Integrity and Generosity of Spirit. Thank you for your Contribution to the Global Village that is cyberspace. If Creativity
is a canvas then you have presented a Positive Portrait. I wish you Simplicity of Spirit guided by Love Divine.

May you always Resonate your deepest Self and may the Wellness from within set your Spirit Free.
" M. Teal

..."when I read about my design I knew I was on the right path; I thank you for the confirmation. You are right, I will wear the design often. It will go with me, not my clothes. You are a Master and I Thank You." J. Torres

..."It is heart-warming to meet someone so inspiring as you are and I wish you the best. I actually printed out a few pages from your website to include in a Christmas package I
am sending to my girlfriend in Brantford, Ontario, Canada who presently does not access the internet. I told her previously about my wealth bracelet I bought from you and she is also a spiritual person so would appreciate all that you stand for. She doesn't know it yet, but I plan to send her a journal for her birthday this coming Feb.
" V. Jamieson

"Just wanted to thank you again regarding the DIVA necklace. After we left, I opened the story and was amazed how it confirmed my journey. I have attached a document I wrote and submitted prior to the purchase that is part of my Ph.D. plan." Linda

"Your website made me feel good." G. Santiago

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