Meet the Artist, Writer, Reiki Master
Elaine Maginn Sonne, PhD


Necklaces inspired by Cleopatra.
Bracelets linked to Aphrodite.
Books written with the channeled wisdom of mystics, shamans and wizards

Elaine’s unique and exquisite Wearable Art Jewelry and self empowering books are directly linked to those legends,
myths, symbols and historic figures of the past.

When you tap the past, present and future
you tap the roots of who you are
and who you will become.

Elaine was born and raised in Northern New York,
on the mighty St. Lawrence River.
This is the New York of minus 60 degree winters
and summers where the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis)
blaze across the sky.

As a Virgo with Aquarius rising,
the St. Lawrence River was her Muse,
still is,
even though she’s lived in Los Angeles for many years.

Bead weaving, silver metalworking, found objects, fabric,
cord, coins, charms and more are wedded
to her highest quality gemstones to produce
designs like no other.

You will never find wearable art jewelry with the uniqueness
of Elaine’s designs.

Simply because myth, legend and symbol are
her inspiration and her guidance.
They will become yours as well.

Her mystical pilgrimages and divinations include ancient practices
from Egypt, China, Tibet, the Americas, Africa,
the Netherlands and Ireland.

Elaine uses divination tools daily to explore
past, present and future advice
for herself and others:
the Tarot, I Ching, Numerology, Astrology, Runes, Feng Shui,
the Pendulum, meditation, chanting and journaling.

These practices accesses your unconscious,
your Soul Self,
for the guidance you seek.

Awareness of symbol, myth, legend and gemstones
will awaken your sleeping genius.

Every design speaks to your unconscious in its own special language -
courting its mythical insights
rewarding you with empowering messages.

Every necklace and bracelet adorns the body but bypasses its distractions and speaks directly to the soul,
your inner world, the unconscious.

Gemstones heal.
Color awakens.
Beauty inspires.

That’s why Elaine designs jewelry and writes books:
to heal, awaken, inspire.

Elaine’s books share her unusual journey into ancient wisdoms, relationships, prosperity, self realization,
purpose, artistry and more.
These books and her handmade journals can be found on
her Books Page.

Also check out her Life Map Page.

Enhance your own relationship with
myth, legend and symbol
empower your personal explorations with
Elaine’s one of a kind wearable art jewelry and books.