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Ancient Design is the pulse behind all my designs.
It drives my curiosity about all things with history clinging to it.

My newest designs are in clay, a medium older than the pyramids and used in the first form of writing - clay tablets. And because faces express how we communicate my fascination knows no bounds.

I have necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in this amazing art form.
They are each a signed original and they're all available for you to own. Enjoy!

The Observer


Red Lipstick

The Matriarch

Mardi Gras

Life is Good

Escaping the Cave

The Wisdom Keeper

Keeper of Secrets

THAT Blonde

Girl Power

Listen Up

Bronze, Agate & Vintage Necklace
Hand forged bronze with slices of Agate
and vintage & antique charms
Collar length.
Black energizes your Soul Journey. SOLD

Hand Forged Copper Shield
with Talismans

Healing, Protection & Strength.
Adjustable length. SOLD

Faceted Jade, Silver & Mother of Pearl Necklace
Drawing forth wealth & prosperity.
Collar length. SOLD

Sponge Coral & Turquoise
Collage Necklace

Energize passionate leadership
with this necklace. 18"Length SOLD

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